6 Essential Oils for Hair Growth You MUST Consider Using

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List of Essential Oils


Rosemary oil is not just good for mane growing, but likewise for soothing itchy skin. It increases blood circulation to the scalp, which encourages mane nourishment and at the same time, helps in fighting dandruff. However, rosemary petroleum is usually not recommended for pregnant women as well as for people who are suffering from hypertension.

Suitable for: All mane types


Apart from being an anti-bacterial agent, Lavender oil happens to possess several regenerative belongings which make it ideal for treating skin and scalp questions such as dandruff, itchiness and hair loss. When used in conjunction with other crucial petroleums, it is said to produce remarkable answers with respect to hair growth.

Suitable for: Oily hair


Jojoba oil is probably one of the most popular and well-known petroleums when it is necessary to natural hair loss remedies. What constructs it so popular is that it can be easily mixed with any other petroleum( such as coconut petroleum) and can induce amazing answers for people experiencing hair loss due to dehydrate or shattered hair.

Jojoba oil by itself provides the aim of being a good carrier petroleum in which other crucial petroleums can be mixed. Jojoba oil is often used in combination with rosemary petroleum in various mane treatment commodities. The resultant combination of the two petroleums constructs for a very effective hair conditioner.

Suitable for: Dry and shattered hair


This is another essential oil for mane treatment and mane growing. When used together with fenugreek, it improves blood circulation to the mane tissue, which promotes mane growing. The antioxidant belongings of this herb are beneficial for the scalp and mane follicles. It acts as a moisturizer and adds luster to dehydrate hair.

Suitable for: Oily scalp

Tea Tree Oil

Thanks to its antiseptic and anti-viral belongings, tea tree petroleum is widely used for treating a number of questions such as flu, warts, cuts and injuries, as well as for treating skin and scalp questions. It is very effective in treating dandruff and when used together with jojoba petroleum or any other carrier petroleum, it constructs for an effective hair loss solution.

Suitable for: Itchy scalp


This essential oil is an astringent. It enhances the clutch of the scalp on the roots thereby preventing mane fall. It mixes well particularly with lavender petroleum, benzoin, sandalwood and clove.

Suitable for: Dry hair

In addition to the above-mentioned petroleums, there are a number of other essential and herbal oils of benefit for the growth of the hair.

~ Cedarwood~ Peppermint
~ Chamomile~ Clary sage
~ Lemon~ Thyme
~ Burdock~ Grapefruit
~ Bay~ Carrot root
~ Olive~ Arnica

Some Easy Steps to Use Essential Oils

~ To begin with, you will need 10 ml carrier petroleum( most important petroleums act well as carrier petroleums) to dilute whichever petroleum you want to use.
~ Put 4-5 drops of the selected crucial petroleum in the carrier petroleum and mix well.
~ Set some sum of the concoction on your hands and scratch them to spread the concoction evenly.
~ Now, run the petroleum concoction on your scalp simply, by massaging gently in circular motion.
~ Avoid rigorous motion of the hands for it can weaken or even injury mane roots.
~ Keep the concoction on the scalp as long as possible; preserving it overnight is best.
~ For better answers, use a fragrance-free shampoo to rinse the hair.

Though all these petroleums have numerous medicinal welfares, some of them can at times, have certain side-effects. Hence, it is always advisable that you consult an experienced trichologist before you begin using them.

Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes simply and does not, in any way, is planned to replace the relevant recommendations of a medical expert.

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