Aromatherapy Recipes to Relieve Depression Easy and Effective

What is Aromatherapy?

As the call intimates, aromatherapy is a type of therapy that falls into the category of alternative remedy. It utilizes essential petroleums the hell is compounds removed from plants. Most people associate aromatherapy for its application as a relaxation therapy, but it is also used to help relieve medical conditions. The antimicrobial properties of essential petroleums induce them helpful in the treatment of infectious diseases.

In recent times, the use of essential petroleums in pain management, anxiety cures, and Alzheimer's disease has grown in popularity. Nonetheless, while it may seem to provide a safe alternate therapy alternative, know that essential petroleums are very potent and volatile liquids, and thus, need to be used with extreme carefulnes. One is admonished never to use an undiluted essential oil on the skin without the use of a carrier oil. While domestic remedies rendered here should help, do not use them as a substitute for proper medical treatment.

Aromatherapy for Depression

Blend 1

~ 1 plummet Rose essential oil
~ 1 plummet Orange essential oil
~ 3 plummets Sandalwood essential oil

Blend 2

~ 1 plummet Lavender essential oil
~ 3 plummets Grapefruit essential oil
~ 1 plummet Ylang Ylang essential oil


If you want to use either of the blends in a diffuser, then multiply the quantity of each oil by 4, which will give you about 20 plummets of the mix. After mixing the petroleums of the mix you have selected, run the smorgasbord into a dark-colored glass bottle, and roll the bottle between your palms. Follow the instructions that come with the diffuser, and add the appropriate number of plummets to it.

Bath Recipe for Mild Depression

~ 2 plummets Basil essential oil
~ 1/4 cup Honey( or almond, canola, soy and safflower oil)
~ 1 plummet Grapefruit essential oil
~ 3 plummets Lavender essential oil
~ 2 plummets Geranium essential oil
~ 3 plummets Ylang ylang essential oil

Combine the essential petroleums with the honey. Fill up the bathtub with warm water, and then pour in the oil and honey smorgasbord. Gently churn the water with your hands, and then soak in the bathtub for 20 to 30 minutes.

Massage Recipe for Mild Depression

~ 2 plummets Bergamot essential oil
~ 2 tbsp sweet almond oil
~ 2 plummets Geranium essential oil
~ 1 tsp Wheat germ oil
~ 2 plummets Basil essential oil
~ 8 plummets Lavender essential oil
~ 8 plummets Ylang ylang essential oil


Mix the essential petroleums together and run them into a dark glass bottle. Then add in the sweet almond oil and wheat germ oil. Roll the bottle between your palms to mingle. Once or twice a period, massage a small amount of oil at the back of the hands and chest neighborhood. Inhale the essences from your hands after application to the skin.

Essential Oils and Their Purpose

~ Drops of peppermint and lemon petroleums are said to enhance a persons memory.

~ A great natural aromatherapy recipe for chasing away the blues is 3 plummets of orange essential oil along with 2 plummets of ginger.

~ One can effectively undertakes acne with lavender and tea tree oil.

~ Chase away insomnia, and welcome deep sleep with plummets of Roman chamomile, clary sage, and bergamot oils.

~ While it may not mend a broken heart, warm rose and sandalwood petroleums can help ease the pain.

~ Seek aid from menstrual cricks with plummets of peppermint, cypress, and lavender oils.
improve your immunity with plummets of eucalyptus, pine, and peppermint oils.

Instead of a antidote, use essential petroleums to encourage psychological well-being, and never use them as an alternative remedy.

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