Go Natural- Use Essential Oils to Get Rid of Dog Fleas !

Oils are natural remedies for many conditions, and among them are the therapy and prevention of bird-dog fleas. Helpful tips are provided in this article .
A plenty of people today resort to the use of natural therapy means to get rid of bird-dog fleas. While there are topical ointments and sprays available, natural remedies have become the favored alternative. Among the most popular natural cares would be the use of crucial petroleums such as lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree .
Here are tips and guidelines that you can use :
1. Essential petroleums can be used as a flea repellent. A good time to start using it would be during the winter season. Fleas detest the coldnes season which puts them at an all-time low, although this may not inevitably hold true for residences with central heating.
To constitute the repellent bath, what you need are the following :
-3 plummets of lavender
-2 plummets of lemon grass
-3 plummets of citronella crucial petroleum
Mix these components to form a repellent bath solution, and use it regularly when your bird-dog. Areas to put in top priority are: base of his posterior, areas between the paws, his ears, and the back of the ears .
To make a repellent spraying, here is what you need to do:
Fill an age-old spraying container with liquid. Add approximately 8 plummets of lavender crucial petroleum, and shake it to achieve uniform concoction. Then spray it on your dog's scalp and wool, specially his cervix and posterior, as well as his back. Make sure to encompass your dog's eyes when you spray the cervix neighborhood. When spraying, check if you can see small-scale black flecks as they just flea excrements which need to be treated with medication .
Frequency of therapy :
Consistency were critical so make sure you do the following :
' Lavender bath-twice a few weeks
' Spray- once daily
2. You will not only apply the essential points petroleums on your bird-dog, but also on the sleeping neighborhood( basket) as well as his beddings. You need to wash these pieces use 2-4 plummets of crucial petroleums, specifically, eucalyptus, mixed in hot water. This method can do two things: rid of fleas and remove dust mites as well .
3. Since you likewise need to make sure your house is completely free from bird-dog fleas, it is recommended that you make a floor scavenging solution. Mix 4-8 plummets of lavender crucial petroleum with a lavender-scented detergent and then mop your floorings and walls use a cloth robbed in this home-made solution .
Treatment of Flea Bites
Most likely, you will find several flea bites in your dog's scalp. To treat this, you need to use tea tree crucial petroleum or undiluted lavender crucial petroleum since both have excellent antiseptic belongings. If you use tea tree crucial petroleum, 2-3 plummets should be mixed with a bowl of liquid. Use cotton balls to scavenge the affected districts .
Once your bird-dog is free from fleas, keep it coming by making sure he is well-groomed, fit, and healthy. Practice and a health food are necessary since unhealthy puppies are more susceptible to flea infestation .

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